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The New EP3 mixed Ep4 Server w/ HAMACHI, 167-227scrolls are in NPC, 227-237scroll and 197-250etc scroll are mobs dropable!! New EP4 Skill effects, +10 and EP4 Weapons on NPC, Friendly GMs and ADMINS!
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June 2019
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 Leonine School

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PostSubject: Leonine School   Leonine School I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 25, 2008 9:24 am

Leonine School Ln10

The last of the campuses founded by the Sacred Financial Group, Leonair lays to the East, but due to a yet unexplained accident, the campus no longer exists. It lies in ruins, a haunting tomb that serves as a terrifying reminder of a reckoning long past. Strange, supernatural occurrences at the campus are being reported everyday. Some students, curious about the events surrounding the enigmatic campus, have ventured to Leonair, never to return.

Those that do make it back, tell shuddering tales of a giant lion statue standing menacingly in the darkness, where trees hang withered and dead like skeletal hands, and where the surviving plant life has mutated into a savage species that preys on the humans foolish enough to venture into its path. Once proud and majestic, Leonair is no more, a black hole, where only nightmares thrive.
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Leonine School
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